Summer sessions

It’s been six months since “Mercury” was released. After six months of working for other artists with close to no spare time, there’s been frustration and excitement building up in equal proportions. There’s also been lots of new material, ideas, sounds and a new energy. The first sessions start next Monday. I’m shooting for a raw and focused rock’n’roll album from start to finish. The working title is “Battles”, and so far, that title suits it very well.

Thanks a lot to all of you for making “Mercury” the most successful Demians album to date. Stay tuned for some more news over the next couple of days… as well as a bonus track! Because yeah, it’s been finished for awhile, and here’s my nephew Leo’s face when I told him I haven’t put it online yet. Uncle Nic’s butt kicked in 3…2…1…

Aussie style: catch ya later mate!


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