The kid has left the building

Meep meep!

The latest CD pre-orders have left the building this morning. The kid is now in the hands of the postal services, and I hope very quickly in your hands and ears.

When you start something like that, I guess somewhere deep within yourself you swear it’s gonna work, and the music will reach people in the end. But it’s only now that it has become a reality of such epic proportions, writing down the names of hundreds of people on cardboard boxes, knowing they care as much as I do, that the fun really begins.
So a huge thank you to everybody for believing in Demians and saying it out loud, and I wish the kid a safe trip to its new homes.

Official release date is next Wednesday, December 17th. The MP3s of the album will be available in your account on the website. And it’s still time to pre-order the album, with exclusive access to future bonus tracks in 2015.

Keep spreading the word and sharing the music!

PS: anxiously waiting for the LP stock in January, it’s gonna be really special. The test copies I got sound so thick, it’s a pleasure to listen to the album really loud. I’ll keep everyone updated on delivery. Cheers!


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