Going Homemade

Hi !

A few months before recording the new album, I had started building my own gear for my studio, mostly preamps and a few other things. It had been a pet project for a while, and I thought I’d give it a go in my quest for personal tone. So when I started production for the new album, it became natural to give guitar pedals a try, and I started developing my own designs, after a few years of figuring out how classic designs are built, even building the case myself out of aluminum and wood.

This is a pedal I’ve been developing especially for the new album, I’ve used it for the guitar choruses in “Circles and Stars” and “Water and a Sigh”, pushed to the max. And I’ve used it all over “White Chalk” with a ’57 Stratocaster and a Fender Bassman combo. It basically started as a “guitar boost with a twist”, and is not based on any other pedal I know of. The more you push its volume, the more it gets into this thick fuzzy tone, bordering on octave fuzz.

I’m considering developing a whole range of pedals for the next Demians album, as it has become really addictive, and of course very rewarding when you end up using it on your own songs.

Rip it up !


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