“Battles” release date delayed



The release of the new album Battles is delayed to September 12th.


Since last November, and the… very bad timing… for the start of the pre-orders, personal life has unfortunately taken over. The release is delayed only for personal reasons, nothing related to the album itself.

Battles is an album of love, survival, strength, and focus. It was inspired and made out of very confused times last year. « Right by your side » will be the first single to come out. The song was inspired by Cabu, whom I had the privilege of meeting a very long time ago, and is the song that triggered the writing of the whole album.
Soundwise, I see this record as my ode to the music I listened to in the 90’s, and I chose to record it very raw, with minimum overdubs, and with all instruments recorded in the same room.


Things you can be sure of so far:


    • – It will be a double release. More details on the second disc entitled +Telex soon.
    • – +Telex will only be available with pre-orders for Battles.
    • – Both Battles and +Telex were created so that they can be played simultaneously.
    • – Battles will be the last album by Demians in its current form.
    • – Many of you have been asking: bonus tracks for Mercury are on hold until conflict with a former publisher is resolved.


The web shop will be functioning very slowly until next May, with shipping only occurring every Monday and Friday. Things will be back to normal for the Summer, up to the release of Battles.

My friend Mark is now helping me running the web shop, so that any of us can be available for replying to your questions.
Please feel free to contact us at for any request.
If you have any question related to your pre-order, and of course if you want your pre-order refunded, please contact us at with your order number.


Sorry for the inconvenience, and for the lack of news. I know Demians fans are used to that radio silence every now and then, and you guys are a very patient bunch, so thank you again for your support.


Peace, love and transistors.



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